Alice's in Wonderland Design Product  
7321 STORY, the representative brand of 7321 DESIGN has been inspired by traditional European and American tales with a common theme and Journey. ‘Alice’s’ Adventures in Wonderland’, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,’ ‘The Little Prince,’ and pictures from journey in Europe, the four main designs of 7321 STORY mainly targets women between the ages of 25-35.
Vintage Galore  
The modern, the simple and the classic shapes and colors gather in this unique line of products. Both sensitive and harmonious by nature, 7321DESIGN offers a wide variety of A to Z products. It's a collection full of common charm that everybody can appreciate.
Le Petit Prince Design Product  
7321DESIGN has been exclusively licensed by SOGEX France for Antoine de Saint Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’. It has also been renowned for its high quality and excellent design. 7321DESIGN has high potentials for continued quality designs and anticipates on having many fans of the famous story tale, ‘The Little Prince,’ to be attracted to 7321DESIGN products globally.
Stitch Notebook  
7321 LOVELY is an affective brand by young and sensuous illustrators and designers. This brand targets woman in their late teens to early twenties who may be at the most sensitive and emotional state when it comes to relationships and often dream or fantasize about romantic love. ‘7321 LOVELY’ is characterized with assorted style of vintage designs and modern designs with cool or warm colors.

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